Friday, May 13, 2011

word collage

This is an assignment I use this time of the year with my 8th graders when they have the "don't wannas."  Searching through magazines to find collage image materials keeps students interested and entertained while their brains are going bonkers from testing and the inevitable 8th grade-itis!  
Students draw a word using bubble or block letters with each letter connecting to create the silhouette of the word.  They cut this from a double thick construction paper.  Students then cut out images and words that either relate to their word or just represent their interests.  We then glue the collage to a background paper to make the word graphically "pop!" 
Some of the words are easy to read like Art, Love, and Nike above.  Some of them you need to study a bit to find the word...can you guess what this one reads?

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