Monday, May 23, 2011

Seasonal Canvases

This time of year, I can't wait for summer to get here so that I can have lots of time for creating art!  A few years ago I created a series of canvases about the seasons and my different stages of art making that I go through during the year. Summer is for creating lots of artful stuff.  Fall is for inspiring all my new students.  Winter is for dreaming up all the fabulous ideas while hibernation sets in. Spring is for imagining all the great art I will be creating during summer!  This is my last post of this school year. Thank you to all of my loyal blog followers. I hope you found some inspiration here at my artful nest. See you in the fall with a bunch of new creations!
---ms art
Summer Canvas...Create

Each canvas has a layer of printed transparency,
a photo, and a vellum with a house cut out.

A wire word that goes along with each season
is attached, as well as the definition.

Each canvas has a stamped repeated image and an old key.

Fall Canvas...Inspire
Winter Canvas...Dream
Spring Canvas...Imagine

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