Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This time of the year, most middle schoolers turn into crazy monsters.  To go along with this, my 7th graders complete a monster themed unit!  After working a bit with cartooning, students practice drawing monsters from a drawing book called
How to Draw 101 Monsters by Dan Green. 
They also take what they have learned and create monsters of their own design.  They then take about seven of their monsters and create a flip book out of them (post to come at a later date). We also create a mini comic strip and a comic book cover design, developing at least one of their monsters further.   
Lastly, students "bring their monster to life" by creating a felt creature from their designs.  Students learn how to create a pattern, sew a few different stitches,
and how a 2-dimensional drawing can become a 3-dimensional object.
It is fun to see the variety of monsters that "hatch" each spring!

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