Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hands on Art

My Tree of Life as inspired by artist Jane LaFazio, using stencils.

 One of my favorite motifs to use with students is tracing
their hands as an element in an artwork.
To me, hands are representative of the self, so students
are able to put a bit of themselves into their artwork. 
Here are just a few ideas using hands as a motif.

This may be what started it friend Suzie created a series of
inspiring hand paintings in college... raise your hand, please!

Trace hand on neon color copy paper, create sections
using lines, zentangle with line patterns.

black and white circle of light mandala
Trace hands from each side/corner so that they overlap in the center,
section off with 4 lines, use 4 colors to shade each section.
It is fun to see what personal symbols students come up with for their designs!

overlapping hands with border, crayons, and watercolor

The shading of white pencil on black paper gives such a powerful effect!

Using neutral or bright colors, it is always fun to see the cubist effects that result!

The variety of compositions created with this assignment are pretty amazing!

An idea from my friend Ruth, finish by zentangling all,
or just the space around the hand...optional, add color.

An idea from a student...trace hand over drawings of personal symbols,
color with markers...I might just have to use this idea!  Thanks M!

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  1. I hope you don't mind. I saw this lesson linked on Pinterest as a possible sub lesson and I posted a link here from my art sub lesson blog. jan