Friday, August 30, 2013

Tree for all Seasons

For my Altered Artists Group, one of our latest challenges was to  separate a canvas into fourths and rotate "round robin style" with three other members. We each picked a theme for our canvases.  My theme was a seasonal tree.
After dividing my canvas and drawing a tree silhouette, I decided to finish the winter section.  I painted the tree brown and then over painted with Tim Holtz white distress paint. The paint crackled just a bit to give the tree a "frozen" look.  I then painted the background white, outlined in pencil, drew layers in the snow, and embellished with snowflake buttons.
Debbie decided to do the spring portion of the tree.  She painted the sky a spring blue and the tree deep brown, scratching in some texture. She then added some punched leaves and sequined flowers. 
The summer portion was finished by Andi. She used paint blending sticks to create a warm summer sky and dimensionally shaded tree.  She added some texture to the tree with sequin scrim, and stamped textured green leaves.
Nancy took on the challenge of the autumn portion of the tree.  She painted a cool blue sky and textured the ground with paint.  She then collaged the bark of the tree with decorative paper scraps to create some actual texture.  She finished by adding punched out fallen leaves.

I just love how this turned out.  
Each artist created the perfect effect for their season.  
It is one of my favorite group collabortions!

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