Thursday, January 17, 2013

puzzled again?

It's that time of year again- altering puzzles with my Altered Artists group!  These are a few pieces I worked on for the other group members.  Each person had a different them.  Above is Andi's "Butterflies in Blues, Beiges and Blushes"

Mary D. chose "Wizard of Oz" for her theme.

Joyce's theme was "Birds, Eggs, Nest."

Jo chose the color black for her theme.

Elaine's theme was "Winter in White"

Yolanda's theme was "Dress Up"
Linda chose "Hats and Shoes" for her theme.

I chose "Alice in Wonderland" for my theme. 
This is the piece Elaine did for me.  Can't wait to get all my pieces back...
more to come...

You can see puzzle pieces from last year's swap here and here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

manikin madness

Manikin drawing is a fun and interesting way to teach students
 to draw what they see while using the concept of  proportion.  
Taking this a step further by dividing the drawing into
sections and adding a shading technique or textures
helps to create a complete composition. 
Students had the option to pose their
manikins, or to draw it just standing.
Some students advanced the assignment further and 
designed their own backgrounds and accessories.

Monday, January 7, 2013

making plans...

"Blue Men"

The new year brings new classes, new students, and a new start...After hibernating for a few weeks, it is time to find the mojo and get going...I am finding a little "play" in my planner is helping me get are a few of my new planner page can see more here.
"Autumn Soul"

"Get Out"

"Step It Up"


"Clear Your Head"
"Artful Adventures in Old Town"