Sunday, February 26, 2012

in the neighborhood

Last month, my Altered Artists group was challenged to alter a 3-d house from Stampin' Up!  When we got together to reveal our creations, it was awesome to see the different interpretations of the challenge and to guess who created which house!  They really show each artist's personalities.  Here are a few pictures of my house and some of the other ladies' creations.
All the houses started out like this. 
We were able to get a bunch from the Stampin' Up!
clearance sale for just a few dollars each! 
Thanks Karen for our houses and for the great idea!
I wanted my house to have a sewing theme. 
I used a pattern for Barbie clothes which were a
perfect size for layering onto the little house. 
I then used rickrack and other beige-y trim to accent.

And then buttons for the roof and around the edges!

Here are a few of the houses all lined up for that neighborly feel!

Scarlett and Jo's...

...Mary D's and Nancy's...

...Bonnie's and Karen's... 

...Elaine's and mine again!

Friday, February 24, 2012

line landscapes

7th graders have been inspired by VanGogh's use of line in The Starry Night.  
After creating sketches of four different landscapes from magazine pictures, students then chose two drawings to explore further with line layers and textures using markers.  These were created on 6 by 12 inch paper. (Which is a good way to use up all those leftovers from cutting down 12 by 18 into 12 by 12 for all those square projects I love so much!)  The line drawings were then glued to a 9 by 12 inch construction paper to accent.

After finishing their marker drawings, students then chose one design to create a series of foam plate relief prints. Students printed in black ink and then red, blue, and/or yellow for double color layer printing.

It is fun to see the difference between the black prints and the color prints.  Both turn out awesomely, and it is hard to choose which I like best!  Each shows the "fun-ness" that I love about the printing process- The graphic effect of the black and color paper contrast and then the layery surprises of the double colors that result in such a yummy effect!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

another heart book!

This is a heart shaped chunky chipboard book bound with rings. 
 I wanted to keep most of the pages fairly simple and sweet by
using just a touch of my favorite papers and embellishments.


Even though it is a simple little book, it is still one of my favorites!

Be Mine, Valentine!

I heart to create Valentines!
These are just a few of the heart cards that I have made in the past
few years.  Some are atcs, tags, and mini quilties.  I like the challenge
of coming up with new ways to use the same theme each year.

...a sneak peek of this year's cards...

If you want to see more, go here to see last year's Valentines.

happy valentine's day!

my altered heart

Here is my altered valentine heart book I created for Mrs. O'Leary's.
I collaged layers, added lace edging, stamped, stitched, created a house
shaped window, page inserts, pockets, and lots more!  If you haven't
altered a book yet, I highly recommend it!  The added aspect of the
book being cut into a shape was also a great challenge!