Tuesday, September 22, 2015

bulletin board minions

I was inspired by the recent Minions movie to create another Minion theme art hallway bulletin board this year. I found lots of inspiration online and incorporated the pencil theme with them as well.
I found this image of the Minions holding pencils, ready to learn from _artistiq_art on Instagram.  This was the perfect image to get me started!  I then found the images below from moviepilot.com to create a little gallery of art history inspired Minion pictures.

I recreated the Minions out of poster board and construction paper, adding a pencil and substituting a banana for fun.  I kept my pencil border and large pencil sign to remind students about the most important things to have before entering the art room!  You can see more Minion themed projects here

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paste Paper Collages

I had fun playing Paste Paper Collages with one of my Art Teacher Besties, Shawny, this summer.  She taught an awesome summer workshop at Friends University in Wichita. I became hooked on playing with all of the paper scrappies she had her students make to create collages with.  The paste papers were created by mixing cheap acrylic paint and Elmer's paper mache art paste. Then you paint a layer of color on heavy paper, let it dry, then layer another color on top, and before it drys, creatively scrape into it with a tool. When one side is dry, you can do the other side and double your choices!!! Other papers were water color drippage play or shaving cream prints. 

Since the papers were already made for me, I could just spend time playing collage. It was fun mixing and matching colors and patterns and thinking up different compositions. These came together fairly quickly that way, adding string and other actual textured papers to finish.

This could be a fun way to use up all of your extra scrappies and give students who finish early something creative to do. They could create the papers for themselves or make them available for others and then collage from there.

You can find out more info on creating Paste Papers here.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Painting in Reverse

This summer I attended an "Art Party" at my friend Andi's house taught by mixed media artist Kayann Ausherman. We played Reverse Painting on a 11" by 14" canvas panel. The bird painting above is the one I completed during the party. It was so much fun, I had to go home and make 5 more!
There are many steps to create a Reverse Painting including collage, stenciling, drawing, painting the negative space, and more stenciling.

You can find more information about Reverse Painting and hosting an Art Party on Kayann's blog: 


Stencil Fun

This summer, I had fun playing "stamples" with a new stock of stencils that just arrived at Mrs. O'Leary's Art Store in Wichita.  These include stencil designs by Donna Downey, Deco Art, and Crafter's Workshop, among others.  I created 5 canvases using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which the store also carries.  It was fun figuring out layers of images and colors, working with positive and negative space to create the dream-like compositions.

Art Unplugged 2015

Art Unplugged is held every June at Mrs. O'Leary's Art Store in Wichita.  It is a week of awesome art, friends, and fun.  I made a Prince Albert Art Doll, above, and a Copper Heart Locket, below. The art doll was an all day project and involved several different techniques. These included transfers onto medal (thanks Joni!), stamping onto medal, cutting medal with shears, cutting wood using a jewelry saw, creating hinges and lots of different attachments. Needless to say, after the 9 hour day, Albert and I were not on speaking terms for quite a while.  The picture of the Prince on the can opens up to reveal a polymer clay heart made a few years back as part of charm class.

I love how the heart locket turned out.  It was made by using a heart mold in a hydraulic press to create the locket shape. Then we cut, annealed, hammered, crimped, riveted and soldered a hinge. I am still pondering what I want to place inside.  Right now it is safely keeping a treasured fossil.

You can visit other Art Unplugged adventures here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

what i did on my summer vacation - 2015

"At times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning"
This is a quote from a courtyard instillation by Jenny Holzer at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  I traveled there again this summer with some art teacher besties. We had fun exploring the new exhibits and I just love this quote...perfect for my full on summer-izing!
This is Mika. She is my new kitty bestie who lives at Mrs. O'Leary's Art Store in Wichita.  She kept me company several evenings this summer while I was playing and making stamples.  She is loving on my copper heart locket I made at Art Unplugged at Mrs. O's in June.
I did think about school a bit when I made a few stamples using the new papers and stencils for Mrs. O's.
I had a fun and art filled 40th (yikes!) b-day party at Mrs. O'Leary's.  All of my awesome guests made ATC's for a little birthday book and 6 by 12 canvases with fun stencils and chalk paints to take home as party favors. A great time was had by all!!! Thanks Joni, Faron, and Elaine for all the greatness! Above is one of my favorite ATC's by my friend Andi using an Artful Illusion crow stamp.
I was also persuaded to design and paint this guy for our hallways at school...here he is in progress. 
I was able to get in a photo session of my dad with his awesome backyard bloomin' summer sunflowers...
I took a lil' road trip with one of my besties, JK, who also turned the big 4-0.  We saw lots of fun Kansas points of interest and had a blast getting our Thelma and Louise on!
But mostly I did a lot of this...taking lots of moments to just recoup, refresh, and rejuvenate for the new year!

I will be blogging more about some of these adventures soon, so be sure to check this page again for links to all the fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

more Citra Solv fun

More Citra Solv fun... Above, a sunflower, one of my favorite themes to work in. The Citra Solv papers were perfect for creating a textual effect to the layers.  To the left and below are the same image, just turned upside down. I had fun taking the landscape design to another level by creating two in one...I can't decide which way I like the best! Can you?

You can see more Citra Solv works here.