Friday, March 4, 2011

New Colorful Bulletin Boards!

 A big thanks goes out to the district maintenance men for their speedy work in installing two new bulletin boards in my classroom!  There were two blank walls in my new room, and I couldn't stand it any longer!  THEY NEEDED ART!  So I have filled them with the 8th grade painting assignments.  At left are the motif color wheels.  Students design a motif to fit in the wedge shape of the color wheel and paint each color...don't they look awesomely graphic!  I really love when they come up with fun shapes, like the hammer and the monkey!
 The other bulletin board has been covered with a few of the cubist inspired paintings.  Students love to see how they come together as one large painting!  Each student created a 12 by 18 inch painting and used all of the colors of the color wheel.  They needed to include 5 types of line, 3 circles, including a set of concentric circles, an organic shape, a geometric shape, and a complex shape in their composition.  It is interesting to see the variety of compositions the students create with just a few guidelines.  Students are allowed to use only the 3 primary colors to mix all of the other colors, learning exactly how the color wheel works!


  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this blog post over on my blog "Bulletin Boards to Remember." I'm an elementary art teacher who is always on the lookout for good ideas.


  2. I found you via Snippety your post!

  3. LOVE these! I do something similar to the Color Wheel above, I just ask the students to add in one more design to paint with the appropriate complementary color:

    and I definitely will try your second lesson! I KIND OF do something again along these lines. I ask the students to draw an over all scene/picture and we fold the paper into 6 sections. One section is then painted in primary colors, secondary colors, 3 boxes for complementary colors, analogous colors, and a monochromatic scheme.

  4. Love the color wheel ideas!! Thanks for posting!! I found you from pininterest and am now following!
    thanks again

  5. do you remember what kind of paint you used for these?