Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a tree full of techniques

12 techniques-one image-8th grade
Patchwork Tree by mydarkenedeyes on tumblr.com

Recently, I have been making an attempt to use some of the ideas that are gathering on my Pinterest account...The above sample inspired a fun fall tree of "markering" and shading techniques for 7th grade.

We started by separating the page into 12 sections.
This grid made it easy to place the tree trunk, limbs, roots, and land lines.
Then we added techniques used for a few of our projects this semester.  
These included shading, hatching, cross hatching, checkerboard, textures, etc.
We also included a few new techniques including 
words, tie dye, plaid, spirals, splotches, etc.
It was neat to see these as they were developing square by square and then to see the final results, looking like a patchwork of learning awesomeness!!!

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