Thursday, September 1, 2011

New inspiring bulletin board!

This is my new inspiring bulletin board for the beginning of the new school year.    I found Albert at Michaels for a whopping 5 dollars and thought he just screamed "ART!"  I definitely wanted him to be screaming other things to help me out by repeating some of the expectations for my classroom.  This hangs right outside the artroom door, and hopefully it is glanced at before entering...maybe some of this will actually sink in to those thick middle school skulls!

What do you wish Albert could say?

PS...I guess without realizing it, I was subconsciously
inspired by the late artist Fred Baab while creating this BB. 
(His poster art is plastered all over my art room).  Thanks Fred!


  1. I love this sign- I really like it when class expectations can be presented in a cheerful and colourful way. One of my biggie rules is to 'respect the art supplies'.

  2. thats an awesome sign! love the colors!!

  3. Where is your pencil? I wish I had a dollar.......ha! thanks, this made me laugh. all over the world art teachers are facing the same issues. Lynda

  4. without art earth is EEEHHH amazing.......