Friday, November 2, 2012

los dias de los muertos

November 1st and 2nd are the Days of the Dead.
This is the first year I have had the opportunity to celebrate this in my artroom.  I bought a short video from Teacher's Discovery which shows the celebration from two teenagers' points of view.  It includes all of the preparation for the alters, and the celebrations for All Saint's Day and The Day of the Dead.

I found Mr. Bones AKA Senior Huesos on an after-Halloween clearance and decided he would be perfect for the Day of the Dead alter.  I used Day of the Dead fabric as a scarf.  I bought him a hat for his journey, and added more fabric, fruits, flowers, artwork, grasshoppers, candles and sugar skulls to complete the alter.

My friend Ruth made these sugar skulls with her students and gifted them to me.  I used the same molds and tried to make them out of paper clay and decorate with marker... they turned out all right, I like the real sugar skulls better!

Students could color a skull color sheet and add to the designs.  They colored them with highlighters and matted them to a bright paper for a festive effect!

I cut some skull stamps from easy-cut.  We stamped them using markers or a black ink pad and then adding decorations with marker to make little cards.

These are a couple of cute skull masks made of paper plates!

I love the effect of this cut out skull matted onto modeled construction paper!
Overall, it was a pretty festive day in the artroom.
Students of all ethnic backgrounds had fun and learned a lot! 

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