Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spooky Story Time!

It's that time of year again, boys and girls, when this ghoulish art girl gets to create spooky book art!  Here are a few of my haunting books that have come out to play just in time for trick or treating!

This is a haunted house "remains of the day" book.  I have spent a few seasons on this gathering together just the right spooky stuff for each page spread...
...I think I am finally finished????

This is an 8 by 8" cardboard book.  Each page was painted and then collaged on with halloweeness I have been collecting.  It was fun to load up the pages and add a bit of writing here and there. 

This is a 4 by 4" chunky book created with my Altered Artists Group. 
We each made a page and they were bound together to create a fun little
(yet chunky) scary story.
The page on the left is mine, the right is by Yolanda.

The page on the left is by Bonnie, the right is by Wendy.

The page on the left is by Joyce, the right is by Jo.

This is my latest adventure in creating an altered halloween book.  I found a black covered book at the dollar store, a little frame in the dollar bins at Michael's and a lenticular portrait sticker to complete the cover.  I then got to "play" on the inside with black paint, stencils, and stamps.  I love how you can still see the writing through the paint, creating a truly haunting look to the story!

You can see more halloween themed books here.

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