Wednesday, October 3, 2012

artful planner

This summer I took a workshop at Friends University in Wichita titled "Creative Planners for the Right-Brained Thinker."  My friend Ruth teaches this class, as well as many other art journal classes for teachers.  She is very inspiring and has lots of ideas on how teachers can be more creative for themselves and in the classroom!  This class was very helpful in getting me to be more artful in my planning process and to make my planner more enjoyable overall!  Here are a few of my pages so far:

"Back to School for this Middle School Girl"
Most of the pages have collage ephemera, stamping, doodlings
and a bit of room for writing.  The pages have a theme and are filled
with layers of fun stuff, yet can be added to anytime that I am inspired!

A sample of one of my week pages. 
These are opposite the collage pages and differ
in arrangement and colors by week.



"can you imagine"

"fresh start"






  1. Love it! This will make looking at your schedule a pleasure rather just work!

  2. Such fun pages! Great combination of color, images and composition.