Wednesday, December 21, 2011

animal snowflakes

Here is my latest attempt at bulletin board art.  These animal snowflakes are created by 7th graders.  After practicing using patterns I have created, of a turtle, dragonfly, butterfly, and a bug, (the snowflakes not matted on black) they are challenged to create their own design.  The only rules are that their snowflake has to stay together as one piece, be radial symmetrically balanced, and be an interesting animal, creature, or insect.  For some it takes a lot of trying until they come up with an awesome idea, but working through the process is part of the challenge!  Once they create a successful idea cut from white paper, they cut it out of color text weight paper and glue them to black construction paper.
some sort of bug creature?

a profile of a dinosaur (there are 8 of them)
 I just love the "quiltie" look of it! 

a platypus

a penguin

Fun colors, fun shapes, fun art makes this time of year more...FUN!

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