Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mosaic Tessellations

This fall, in an attempt to keep motivating (both students and myself!), there has been a bit of "newness" and experimentation with some of the assignments in the art room.  Mixing the ideas of Tessellations and Mosaics is just one of these new ideas.

These start out the same as a Tessellation assignment, but instead of creating only one creature and coloring them in two different color ways for a checkerboard, students created many different creatures out of the same motif shape and varied the colors.

You can turn the pages in any direction and see new and interesting pictures.  Students also worked on their shading and blending techniques with colored pencils.
I think these turned out pretty fun.  Stay tuned for more fun and exciting new Middle School Art projects to come! can find simple Tessellations and Mosaics here.

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