Tuesday, November 25, 2014

candy crush

Here is a new drawing assignment for 7th grade.  I was inspired by a student who said that Halloween was the celebration of candy.  I thought, "Yeah, that sounds about right!" as visions of pop art candy closeups danced in my head! 
Students took several closeup photos of various candies in wrappers using the square mode of their camera on their iPads. They then used the crop feature in their gallery to further enhance their composition, angling the candy and zooming in even more.
Students enlarged their image to a 12 by 12 black paper.
Using colored pencils, students recreated the candie's signature look, especially trying to copy the fonts of the label correctly.
In addition to working with colored pencil pressure to create color value variations, we also layered white colored pencil on top of or under the colors to get the look of the plastic wrapper with highlights.  Students then created an interesting background effect to complete their composition.

It was great to see how lifelike these turned out to be!!!

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