Monday, August 31, 2015

Art Unplugged 2015

Art Unplugged is held every June at Mrs. O'Leary's Art Store in Wichita.  It is a week of awesome art, friends, and fun.  I made a Prince Albert Art Doll, above, and a Copper Heart Locket, below. The art doll was an all day project and involved several different techniques. These included transfers onto medal (thanks Joni!), stamping onto medal, cutting medal with shears, cutting wood using a jewelry saw, creating hinges and lots of different attachments. Needless to say, after the 9 hour day, Albert and I were not on speaking terms for quite a while.  The picture of the Prince on the can opens up to reveal a polymer clay heart made a few years back as part of charm class.

I love how the heart locket turned out.  It was made by using a heart mold in a hydraulic press to create the locket shape. Then we cut, annealed, hammered, crimped, riveted and soldered a hinge. I am still pondering what I want to place inside.  Right now it is safely keeping a treasured fossil.

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