Monday, March 10, 2014

Minion Mania

In my continuous effort to get Middle School students to bring a pencil to art class, I created yet another bulletin board outside my classroom door to try to motivate!

I had fun creating these two construction paper 
Minions representing a typical discussion 
happening almost daily in the art room.

As a treat at the end of the fall semester,
all of my art classes got to watch Despicable Me 2.  
To make this activity educational, students were to draw their own Minion by following drawing steps or tracing parts.

Then they were to think of a theme and add clothes,
accessories, and a background if they had time. 
 They could finish their drawing with
shading, colored pencil and/or marker.

A lot of these little Minions turned out great!  
The best Minions were used for the bulletin board.  

I had so many good ones left over,
I was able to make a door decoration!

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  1. Well aren't you a super cool art teacher! I bet the kids had fun with this. Love it!