Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fall Leaves

During the fall semester, as students finish work early,
I have several fall leaf projects for them to choose from. 
These are just a few.
Half inch grid paper, stencil, and textures.
Leaf rubber stamps in black ink on kraft paper, drawn over with chalk pastels.

Stenciled leaves outlined in sharpie with line in the negative space.

Stenciled leaves with marker textures and echo lines.

Crayon drawn leaves and watercolor with salt textures.

One inch grid, stencil, textures, and colored pencil shading.

Rubber stamped leaves using markers in a radial symmetrical design.
Stenciled leaves, glue/glitter outline, watercolor, marker echo lines.

See more of these and other autumn art here.
Students also enjoy creating tree art this time of year.
You can see more tree art here and here and here.

PS...thanks to Pinterest and the bloggers I follow for some of these ideas!

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