Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bugs of Spring

 I absolutely love how these colored pencil bugs turned out this semester! 
Students really did a great job with drawing, blending, and shading. 
 We drew half of a toy bug on a triangle piece of tracing paper, then laid that
paper bug side down in each quadrant and drew over the lines so that the
image transferred to the 12 by 12 inch paper.  The bug was then flipped and
lined up in order to transfer the other half. This was done with 4 different bugs.
   Students then chose 4 colored pencils, 2 warm, 2 cool, to color with.
We first colored each background with a different color, then rotated
the colors and colored the bodies, rotated again to color legs,
and rotated a 3rd time to color wings and extra parts. 
Before coloring, we practiced shading and blending with our 4 colors.
Then when students were ready, they applied this concept to their
bugs to make them more dimensional.
Bugs are a great subject for art because they are easy to draw and just
end up looking really cool!  Before we began with our bugs, we worked with
creating symmetrical shapes and talked about the different bug body parts,
so we were able to sneak in a little math and science too! 
You can see more bug are here.

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