Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Earth without Art...

I am blessed with having a huge bulletin board in the hallway near my classroom.  I usually put up collaborative pieces or new artwork when I get the chance.  I decided this time to try a large scale idea incorporating both art and a bulletin board slogan.  I have seen this saying on Pinterest several times and knew I had to use it somewhere.  Then I came across a classroom bulletin board by fellow Kansas art teacher, Katie Morris, below, and just knew I had to try it! Thanks Katie for the awesome idea!

I collaged layers of tissue paper onto a bulletin board
paper base in the shape of the continents,
which was a fun lesson in geography for me!

I splatter painted "ART" and gathered and cut out other letters.

We just finished line landscapes drawings and printmaking with
7th grade, the perfect art to go with the earth!
You can see more of these here.

I just love how this turned out!

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