Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New 2012 Bulletin Boards

This is my new hallway bulletin board for this semester. 
We have a chronic problem at my school of students not
bringing a pencil with them when they go to electives. 
I am hoping to resolve this issue a bit by
proclaiming my expectations loud and clear!

I bought these cute pencil borders and pencil shapes at Wal-mart.  They are really starting to think of teachers' needs and these are very inexpensive!  I made the caution tape by printing the word on bright yellow-orange paper and "laminating" and attaching them together with packing tape.

I made this board to contain my extra fun projects I have made
for the art room. It was very simple to put together, but I am still
proud of it, even though I know bulletin board art is not my forte!
I posted about these projects here and here.

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