Monday, November 7, 2011

Adventures in jewelry making...

Recently, I have had a few adventures in jewelry making. This crown was created this weekend at a class taught by artist Donna Goss. It was my first major piece with lots of soldering. I wouldn't say I am a professional solderer yet, but I did learn a lot! Not to mention all the fun I had hangin' with the ladies from Texas!

I made this necklace in a class taught by Joni Russell from Mrs. O'Leary's. She was inspired by a class she took at Art and Soul by Jean Vanbroderode. We used a lenticular image so that when you look at the picture one way you see a seemingly normal looking gentlemen, then in another look you see a ghastly ghoul! I had fun choosing the image, then creating the perfect tombstone shape and adding all the charming accessories. 

I created this necklace just for fun this summer.  I had been wanting to create some necklaces made out of different kinds of chains, charms, and a few beads.  I like the idea of an asymmetrical look, also.  I have tons more supplies... better get to work creating a few more!

This is a gift from my new friend Texas Mary! She is so sweet to have made this just for lil' ol' me! She used fragments charm pieces from Tim Holtz with paper from Cavallini & Co. I love, love, love my new necklace, thanks Mary!

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