Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration for the Art Room

So I am totally addicted to Pinterest and all the fabulous inspiration I get from the site on a daily basis!  These are just a few projects I have been inspired to try.  Many of my lessons this year have also been inspired by the site.  If you don't know what Pinterest is all about...hop on board...it is a great resource! You can follow my boards here.
Above, ART collage, finished while the students were collaging this spring...just can't resist playing too!  Below is my start at a color wheel using junk.  It has taken all year to collect stuff, especially the intermediate colors...still in progress!  At top, the melted crayon rainbow.  It is pretty awesome to see the crayons come to life and create a work of art.  I am not quite finished with this either, as the melting crayon fumes can be a bit much! 

Friday, May 11, 2012


In an effort to keep my mind busy...I decided to finish some art puzzles to display in the art room.  I finished the Mona Lisa puzzle over spring break.  This is a thousand piece puzzle of a photomosaic.  Each piece is made up of about 4 famous artworks from various artists.  It was quite the challenge, yet fun to complete!

This is a Starry Night puzzle that I started about 5 years ago and work on every now and then at school when the kids are working on projects.  I have also had students attempt to help, but it is very difficult!  These pieces are made up of 4 different pictures of space ships and other NASA type stuff.  It has taken so long because I can only work on it for a bit before my eyes go googly trying to figure out the images!