Tuesday, November 25, 2014

fall fun

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN..." by Margaret Storer-Roche, via Flickr.  Love this - deserves a time commitment for instruction and creation!

Here is another attempt at using my Pinterest ideas...the above sample inspired a fun fall sharpie and "watercolor markering" project for 7th grade.

We started by learning how to draw a simple pumpkin.
Students chose whether to put their pumpkin in the middle
or the bottom left or right of their 12 by 12 page.  
We then divided the rest of the page into 8 sections.
We had fun drawing in the various symbols of fall, outlining with black sharpie and marker, then using a wet brush to move the marker color around.  
The "watercolor markering" was way easier to control than traditional watercolor, and even created a bit of a shading effect.  I just love how these turned out!!!
Thanks to Margaret Storer-Roche for the great idea!!!


  1. I just now came across this project online...what fun your students must have had...Thanks for using my art for inspiration...;) All the best to you in 2015! :

  2. I love this idea! Did you use just regular Crayola markers for this project, or did you use a specific type of watercolor markers?

  3. Curious to know what kind of markers you used to get the blended look. LOVE how they turned out, but my Crayola Markers didn't really "loosen" up and blend out. Thanks!

  4. I linked to this lesson on my blog for Art Sub Lessons. I hope you don't mind. Here's my post: https://artsublessons.blogspot.com/2017/08/7-easy-halloween-lessons.html

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